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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election Results for Contested ANC Races in Dupont, U Street, Columbia Heights, Foggy Bottom

A reader writes: "... absentee and special ballot votes have not yet been counted.  That process is likely to unfold over the next two weeks, and I was told [by the DC election authorities] that the numbers will likely change."

This is absolutely true. More votes can arrive, and existing ballots are subject to review. The numbers below therefore are not final. I did not mean to imply that they were -- perhaps I should have written "preliminary results".

As of 6am today, Wednesday, November 5, with all precincts reporting, here are the results of contested ANC races that have recently appeared on this blog. The candidates' names are followed by the number of votes they received. Winners in bold, incumbents underlined.

ANC1A - Columbia Heights

District 01: Lester Cuffie 56, Marvin Johnson 153
District 12: Colleen Costello 101, Margaret Hundley 162

ANC1B - U Street

District 02: Jennie Nevin (withdrew from race) 391, Ellen Nedrow Sullivan 334
District 03: Sedrick Muhammed 189, Patrick Nelson 161
District 06: Dyana Forester 183, David Gilliland 186
District 07: Juan Lopez 92, Jessica Laura Smith 131
District 10: Allyson Carpenter 64, Paul Glicksman (withdrew from race) 28
District 12: Matt Abbruzzese 106, John Green 164

ANC2A - Foggy Bottom

District 04: Thomas B Martin 172, William K Smith 222

ANC2B - Dupont

District 02: Jonathan Padget 110, Daniel Warwick 151
District 06: Jonathan Jagoda 198, Abigail Nichols 209
District 08: Nicole Mann 251, Robert Sinners 173
District 09: Ed Hanlon 183, Noah Smith 347

ANC2F - Logan Circle

District 06: Charlie Bengel 284, Danielle Pierce 178

A final thanks to all candidates who responded to my requests for interviews.

Tonight, November 5, ANC2F will have its regular monthly meeting at 7pm at  the Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle NW). Tomorrow, November 6, ANC1B will have its regular monthly meeting at 7pm at the Reeves Center (14th and U Streets).


  1. You did an excellent job covering the elections. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. +1! Thanks David!

  3. You did a great job. Thanks!!!!!!

  4. Awesome job, thank you!

    Also: congrats, Noah Smith!