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Monday, November 24, 2014

Logan Circle ANC Write-in Winners Announced

On Friday, November 21, DC's Board of Elections and Ethics (DCBOEE) announced the winners in the 19 Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) races in which all of the candidates were write-ins. These districts had no candidate on the ballot because no one managed to gather the required 25 valid signatures from voters in the ANC disrict before the deadline.

From Twitter feed of Pepin Tuma
In ANC 2F/Logan Circle, two districts -- districts 03 and 07 -- had no candidate on the ballot. The write in winners are:
  • District 03: Pepin Andrew Tuma
  • District 07: Kevin Slyvester
I gathered the following information via Google: Tuma is a lawyer. As of 2012, he was Director of Regulatory Affairs at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, "the world largest association of food and nutrition professionals". Tuma was briefly in the news in 2009 after he was arrested on U Street for disorderly conduct after singing "I hate the police" in the presence of police officers. He wrote about the incident in the Washington Post. In 2009, he sued the DC police about the incident. A 2011 report says Tuma successfully had the arrest expunged from the record.

There is not as much information about Slyvester. A Google search gives evidence that there is someone with that name who works or worked here in DC at the Federal Highway Administration Office of Operations, part of the US Department of Transportation. Other online records show Kevin Slyvester bought a house on the 1200 block of 12th Street (in ANC2F district 07) in 2010.

There was no information about how many votes candidates received, other candidates who received votes, or the winners' margins of victory.

The press statement on write-in winners is a Microsoft Word document which can be accessed at the DCBOEE home page under the "News" tab.

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