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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Interview with Jonathan Padget, Candidate for ANC2B District 02

This is a written interview with Jonathan Padget, who is standing for election as a Commissioner on Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2B/Dupont Circle. Padget seeks to represent district 02. This district is bordered by Florida Avenue on the west, Connecticut Avenue on the east, O Street on the south, and R Street on the north (see map).

Padget's opponent is Daniel Warwick. Read an interview with Warwick here.

Don't know your ANC district? There are two search tools: one by the DC government, the other by Code for DC.

-- What is your daytime job? Will your daytime job experience help you as an ANC Commissioner?

I am an account executive with a progressive public relations firm that specializes in nonprofit organizations. My career keeps me attuned to issues — such as education, health care reform and economic justice for women and families — that provide important context for any kind of work that supports vibrant communities.

-- Is there any single ANC-related issue you feel needs more attention? What issue, and why?

I come to the ANC race out of an interest in how settlement agreements can be optimally used to promote neighborhood quality of life, but I am eager to consider the full spectrum of issues that are relevant to ANC 2B.

-- The West Dupont liquor-license moratorium area is largely in your district. It will expire during the term of the next Commissioner. What is your position on its renewal?

Having just been nominated in August to serve on ANC 2B’s ABRA Policy Committee as a neighborhood representative for west P Street, I am still learning about the moratorium and look forward to hearing the community input that will be necessary to shape ANC 2B’s moratorium strategy.

-- What can be done to make parking less of a hassle in the Dupont area?

Parking will always be a challenge in an urban, increasingly dense neighborhood like Dupont. Thankfully, we enjoy a wealth of transportation options that decrease reliance on parking, and I would love to see an expansion of resources such as car sharing, bike sharing and Circulator service.

-- Much of ANC2B is in one historic district or another. How can the DC government improve in its attempts to strike the right balance between historic preservation and the rights of property owners?

Historic preservation is an important consideration in community development. When there are instances of imbalance that call for ANC 2B’s involvement, I would be happy to consider those situations case by case. 

-- The DC government is considering new regulations to limit conversions of single-family homes into multi-unit dwellings. How will this impact the Dupont area? Do you think these new regulations are a good idea?

Neighborhood vitality generally benefits from increased residential density, so I favor policy that encourages it.

-- How are you different from the other candidate in the race?

My history as a Washingtonian goes back nearly two decades, and my husband and I have been Dupont homeowners for six years now, so I have a strong first-hand perspective on where the community has been, as well as a vested interest in its future.

For further information about Jonathan Padget, please see his web site, Twitter feed, and Facebook page.

The election will take place on Tuesday, November 4. Thanks to all candidates for responding to my questions.

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