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Friday, February 20, 2015

Stipulated Liquor License Recommended for Calabash Tea & Tonic in Shaw

Sunyatta Amen, a self-described "fifth-generation herbalist" and local TV and radio personality, appeared before the liquor-licensing affairs committee of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1B/U Street on February 18. She asked for a stipulated liquor license for a soon-to-open Shaw branch of her five-year-old Takoma vegan tea room, Calabash Tea & Tonic.

From website of Calabash Tea & Tonic
The address will be 1847 7th Street NW.

Amen told the committee she intended to serve "low alcoholic kombucha", cherry liqueur, and dandelion wine. She also said the shop might have some products from nearby Right Proper Brewing (624 T Street) but the shop would serve "primarily tea". The establishment may seek an endorsement on its license that will allow tastings, but it will not seek a live entertainment endorsement, nor will it have any type of outside seating. Its planned hours of operation are 8am to 11pm.

"It's not like we're a bar," she said. Nevertheless, the establishment is seeking a category CT license, also known as a "tavern license". These are more expensive than licenses often sought by restaurants ("CR"), but the holder is not obligated to demonstrate that a certain amount of its revenue come from sales of non-alcoholic items.

Amen said the establishment planned to open "maybe in three weeks".

Amen is a self-described "natural health advocate" who has a radio program on Monday afternoons on WPFW. She has appeared on many occasions on Fox 5 News doing demonstrations of healthy cooking, teas, and herbal remedies.

On her Fox 5 appearances, on her YouTube videos, and elsewhere online, she is sometimes referred to as "Dr. Sunyatta Amen".

The committee voted unanimously to grant the establishment a stipulated liquor license, which will allow it to serve alcohol while its paperwork for a permanent DC liquor license is processed, assuming that no other objecting parties appear. The chair of the committee did not vote on the matter, in accordance with ANC1B's new bylaws.

The matter will probably be considered by the full ANC at its next regularly-scheduled meeting, to be hear on Thursday, March 5, at 7pm, at a location to be determined.

ANCs have to authority to grant stipulated liquor licenses to allow establishments to get up and running. However, the potential licensees must make a separate application to the ANC and DC liquor-licensing authorities for a permanent liquor license, so the committee will probably see Amen again soon.

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