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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Liquor License Revoked for Restaurant of "Convicted Felon"

DC's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABRA) has revoked the liquor license for El Sauce restaurant (1227 11th Street NW). The order was issued on February 11. ABRA also referred the case to the office of the DC Attorney General.

The order says the liquor licensees are Maria and Jose Carcamo. Maria Carcamo divorced her husband in 2008 and renounced all claim to the establishment in the divorce settlement.

Jose Carcamo has been convicted of a Class II felony, the order says. Therefore, under DC law, he cannot hold a liquor license.

However, the order said, the establishment was no longer being run by Carcamo. Instead, the establishment is being run by Blanca Rubia, who is not named on the liquor license.

In an February 19 email, John Fanning, Chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2F/Logan Circle, said, "El Sauce has been a troubled business establishment for years in our neighborhood." Fanning (Commissioner for district 04) said problems over the years included a "crime scene regarding a homicide, a reported stabbing, numerous fights amongst the patrons, serving alcohol to intoxicated individuals and neighbors witnessing and reporting after hours operations."

El Sauce was the scene of a homicide in the early morning hours of March 27, 2011. The shooter was later sentenced to 18 years in jail.

This incident was not the only problem that it caused the neighborhood. At a May 23, 2013, ANC meeting, commissioners saw and discussed
a two-page long list of 23 incidents, including five assaults with a deadly weapon (including a brick and a head-butt) and an assault on police. In addition, there have been 11 fines for violations of various types and a long list of lesser offenses. ANC Commissioners reported witnessing fist fights and receiving reports both of harassment of women near the establishment and of operation at 4:30am, long after the licensed closing time.
ANC2F continued to press for action against El Sauce when it could, for example, when ABRA Director Fred Moosally came to address ANC2F's liquor-licensing affairs committee in September 2014.

In his recent email, Fanning said: "I believe the finds regarding El Sauce are a direct result from [the committee's] September meeting requesting that Director Fred Moosally to expedite enforcement inspections."

In an announcement unrelated to El Sauce, ANC2F will have the first meeting of the year of its Crime and Public Safety Committee on Thursday, February 26, at 7pm at the National City Christian Church (5 Thomas Circle -- enter on 14th Street). 

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