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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Astonishingly Short ANC Committee Meeting

Last night, the liquor-licensing affairs committee of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2F/Logan Circle met. It completed all its business in 12 minutes. This is the shortest ANC-related meeting I have attended.

No one from the community appeared to object to any of the liquor license renewal requests.

The most complex item concerned the Capitol Supermarket (1231 11th Street NW). The committee wanted to include an item in the establishment's settlement agreement stating that deliveries will be taken from 11th Street (i.e., the front of the supermarket) and not the rear alley. The owner said he would, except in cases where official or construction vehicles took up the parking spaces in front of the building. The committee agreed to include language to this effect.

The second item was the liquor license renewal for Whole Foods (1440 P Street).

"No one objecting to the rowdy crowds at Whole Foods?" a committee member asked in mock astonishment.

The third item was a request by Studio Theater (1501 14th Street) to change their liquor-license category from D-X to C-X. This will allow the theater to serve hard liquor, in addition to wine and beer, to patrons.

The fourth item was a liquor license renewal for Cork & Fork (1524 14th Street). No one objected to that either.

Congratulations to all involved on the short meeting.

The items above will now be considered at the next meeting of the full ANC, scheduled for Wednesday, November 5, at 7pm, at the Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle). Items like those above, which pass the committee unanimously with little controversy, normally are passed by the full ANC as a slate with little or no discussion.

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