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Monday, December 2, 2013

Salina Restaurant: Liquor License Renewal Protest by ANC1B

The liquor licensing affairs committee of Advisory Neighborhood Committee (ANC) 1B/U Street decided on November 25 to protest the application by Salina Restaurant (1936 9th Street NW) for renewal of its liquor license. Since Salina's liquor license was last renewed, there was a homicide connected with the bar, as well as 10 liquor-license related violations. Additional public information indicates Salina has had problems with health inspections as well.

Salina Restaurant (Google Street View)
"This place has a lot of issues," said ANC1B Commissioner Jeremy Leffler (district 02). Leffler is the chair of the liquor-licensing affairs committee.

Leffler mentioned that there had been a homocide connected with the establishment during the last liquor license period. However, D.C. liquor-licensing authorities decided to take no action against Salina in connection with the incident. For more information about the May 2010 slaying, read a report by Washington City Paper here.

On October 6, 2010, Salina was ordered to install security cameras within 30 days.

Leffler also read to the committee a list of liquor-license related violations which led to a total of $10,000 in fines against the establishment during the period. Most of these violations seemed to be connected with inadequate bookkeeping.

Official documents show Salina Restaurant was closed by D.C. authorities on October 23, 2013, after failing to pay outstanding fines and fees. It was allowed to reopen the next day after the fines and fees were paid.

Also mentioned at the meeting were health violations connected to the restaurant. The website of D.C.'s Department of Health shows that inspectors found three or more critical violations every year for the last three years. The problems noted in the 2013 inspection reports included improper storage of raw chicken and fish, unclean work surfaces, and no soap or paper towels at staff sinks. There were inspections in August and September 2013.

The committee voted unanimously to protest the liquor-license renewal on the basis of peace, order, and quiet, and indicated it wished to see a security plan for the establishment.

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