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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Neighbors, Civic Association Protest Mova Lounge

2204 14th Street in 2011
An representative of the Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association has said the Association, plus a group of 19 citizens, will protest the application by Mova Lounge (2204 14th Street NW) for a renewal of its liquor license. The liquor-licensing affairs committee of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1B/U Street heard on November 25 that the residents of the nearby residential condominium at 1407 W Street were concerned about the noise level coming from Mova Lounge's outside deck.

"The deck is literally 20 feet from our windows," the representative said.

Mova Lounge's application for the renewal of its liquor license had been endorsed by the full ANC1B at its previous monthly meeting along with a host of others. There had been no protests or neighborhood concerns voiced against Mova Lounge, so it was treated as a routine matter. ANC1B's endorsement has already been sent to D.C.'s liquor licensing authorities, and cannot be withdrawn.

The man from the Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association claimed Mova Lounge had not "placarded" the liquor license renewal application, meaning, it had not posted the mandatory large red signs in the window of their establishment, notifying the public of the opportunity to protest a liquor license renewal.

As a result, neighbors were unaware that ANC1B was considering Mova Lounge's license, so no one from the community came to voice concerns about the noise coming from Mova Lounge's roof desk.

A member of the committee said if the allegations about the placards can be substantiated, then Mova Lounge's liquor license application would move back to square one and the whole process would start from the beginning. This time, however, ANC1B could join in the process.

In any event, the Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association and a group of 14 neighbors have standing to protest the liquor license. The representative of the Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association said the aim was simply an agreement with the club.

"We don't oppose their existance," he said.

(Photo credit: Google Street View)

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