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Thursday, September 5, 2013

ANC6E to Giant: More Security or No Liquor License

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6E/Shaw told Giant Food that it must increase security when it re-opens on the site of City Market at O later this year.

ANC6E meeting in progress
Representatives of Giant Food appeared before the ANC last night (Wednesday, September 4) at ANC6E's monthly meeting, held at the Watha T. Daniel Library (1630 7th Street NW).

They asked for support for a request to regain their two liquor licenses, which were put into safekeeping when the old Giant supermarket on the same spot closed. The ANC twice voted unanimously to support the restoration of the liquor licenses, but in each case with the stipulation that Giant must provide security far in excess of that currently planned by the supermarket.

Beer and wine on shelves

One liquor license is Class B -- covering beer and wine sold in the supermarket for home consumption.

The ANC voted to support releasing the class B license from safekeeping on the condition that Giant have a minimum of three security guards on premises at all time. In their presentation to the ANC, Giant said that they planned to have one.

Commissioner Alexander Padro (district 01), head of the ANC liquor licensing affairs committee, said that one security guard for a projected 7300 square foot supermarket "doesn't seem right."

"We have concerns that you are not prepared," Padro added. 

Representatives of Giant cited the prohibitive cost of two more around-the-clock security guard. It would drastically reduce the site's projected profit margin, which is already razor-thin.

The cafe

The other license is Class D -- for a proposed Giant-run 40-50 seat cafe at the corner of 7th and O Streets.

As planned, the cafe would have two doors onto the street -- one opening onto O Street, the other opening onto Seventh. In addition, there would be a door between the cafe and the supermarket. Padro feared the possibility of grab-and-run robberies in and through the cafe.

The ANC voted to support releasing the class D license with the stipulation either that the two doors to the street would be equipped with "panic bars" and only open in case of emergency, or that there be two armed security guards, one at one of the street entrances and the other at the door between the cafe and the supermarket.

Some facts and figures about the Giant at City Market at O

The target date for re-opening is November 8th, but the opening "could slip to the end of the year," Steve O'Brien, a lawyer for Giant, told the committee.

Hiring will start in October, with a projected staff of 230. The old Giant on the same spot had 100 employees.

There will be at least 50 people on every shift.

There will be 110 parking spaces for customers.

There are 40 indoor and five outdoor cameras planned. Security footage will be saved for 180 days.

The store will be open 24/7.

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