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Monday, September 9, 2013

ANC6E Supports Liquor License for Ivy and Coney

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6E/Shaw voted to support a request for a Class "C" Tavern license for Ivy and Coney (1537 7th Street NW) at its regular monthly meeting on September 4.

1537 7th Street NW
Commissioner Alexander Padro (district 01), head of the ANC6E liquor licensing affairs committee, reported the applicants have experience running liquor-serving establishments and there were no anticipated negative impacts on the peace, order, and quiet of the neighborhood.

Applicants are already the proprietors of the Kangaroo Boxing Club, a barbecue restaurant and bar in Columbia Heights.

A prospective proprietor, testifying before the committee, said the bar will be "a Midwestern themed sports bar, DC friendly". He also said the partners in the venture were exploring the possibility of opening a covered deck in the rear of the building.

Asked to explain the name, the proprietor said "ivy" stood for the ivy covering the walls at Wrigley Field in Chicago. "Coney" was for the "famous Coney Island hot dogs of Detroit" which are a favorite of one of the partners. After some laughter, a Commissioner asked if the proprietor was aware that Coney Island hot dogs came from Coney Island in New York City. The proprietor said he was aware and his business partner could never adequately explain why Detroit's favorite hot dog was named after a place in Brooklyn.

The ANC voted unanimously with one abstention to support the request.

It is now up to DC's Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board to make the final decision. According to a notice on the door of 1537 7th Street, there will be a hearing on the application on October 15.

1537 7th Street is less than a block from the soon-to-open City Market at O.

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