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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Naylor Stables LLC: “…the Community is going to freak out when they hear about this.”

That was the statement by Charlie Bengel (District 06) at ANC 2F's September 2nd meeting when a discussion about Naylor Stables LLC’s proposal for a new Class-C Tavern revealed its seating capacity.

Kate Gordon ANC 2F District 01 Video Clip:

Though representatives for Naylor Stables LLC were not present and may not have been aware of their spot on the night’s agenda, Gordon made a motion to protest Naylor Stables LLC’s request on the basis of “the effect of the establishment on peace order and quiet, including the noise and litter provisions, the effect of the establishment on real property values, and the effect of the establishment upon residential parking needs and vehicular pedestrian safety.”

All were in favor, none opposed. 

A hearing on the project with Naylor Stables LLC will take place at 5 Thomas Circle NW on September 16th at 7PM. 

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