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Monday, August 11, 2014

Two of Eight Logan Circle ANC Posts Have No Candidates

According to records released by DC's Board of Elections and Ethics (DCBOEE) on Friday (August 8), two of the eight districts in Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2F/Logan Circle will have no candidates listed on the ballot. Apparently no one living in districts 03 and 07 was able to collect the required 25 signatures of registered voters and return them before the August 6 deadline.

It will be possible to write in names on the November ballot.

From ANC2F's website
The seats for districts 03 and 07 are currently held by Stephanie Dahle and Matt Raymond, respectively. Dahle recently won an uncontested special election. Her first ANC2F meeting as a commissioner was in May. Raymond is the Chair of ANC2F and has served several terms.

Three ANC2F incumbents filed a petition in time to appear on the November ballot -- Commissioner John Fanning (district 04), Jim Lamare (05), and Kevin Deeley (08). All three are running unopposed.

Only one district (06) has more than one candidate.

Here is a list of all the candidates for ANC2F seats who have filed petitions by district:

01: Katherine Gordon
02: Karin Berry
03: [no candidate]
04: John Fanning (incumbent)
05: Jim Lamare (incumbent)
06: Charlie Bengel, Danielle Pierce
07: [no candidate]
08: Kevin Deeley (incumbent)

If you are a candidate and I missed your website, or if you wish me to link to website other than the one above, please email me at shortarticlesaboutlongmeetings at gmail and I will change the link.

There is a "challenge period" for nominating petitions, which begins three days after a candidate files a petition, and continues for 10 days. During this period, any registered voter can challenge the validity of signatures on a petition. DCBOEE automatically accepts submitted petitions as valid unless there is a challenge.

Don't know your ANC district? There are two search tools: one by the DC government, the other by Code for DC.

See here for a separate post about the candidates for ANCs 1B/U Street, 2B/Dupont Circle, and 6E/Shaw.

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