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Monday, May 5, 2014

1310 Q Street: Six New Units a Stone's Throw from Logan Circle

An unoccupied lot just off Logan Circle, now a garden, will soon be the site of four dwelling units. The house next door, built in 1887, will be renovated and transformed from a large single-family home into two dwelling units. A committee of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2F/Logan Circle heard about plans for the single project that will alter the two properties at its April 30 meeting.

Say goodbye to the garden
Architect David Morris of Trout Design Studio presented to the Community Development Committee (CDC) of ANC2F. He told the committee no zoning relief would be required for the development -- only the approval of D.C.'s Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) because the building is located in the Logan Circle Historic District 14th Street Historic District.

The house to be renovated is at 1310 Q Street; the garden is on the building's eastern side.

The documents submitted to the committee say the development will include five parking spaces, but Morris said "we may provide up to nine spaces". Only two would be required under current zoning regulations.

On the existing house (in right of photo), exterior brickwork, the roof, and windows will be cleaned and repaired as needed. The plumbing and electrical work will be modernized. A rear porch will have to be removed to provide space for the new building. But there will be no pop-up and the heights of all levels of the building will stay the same.

The presenters had several different ideas for the new building to be erected on the site of the garden. One proposed design had a modern-looking flat front. An alternate idea was to include a projecting bay, like the older building next door. The presenters solicited input from the CDC.

Some members of the committee like the flat-front design, some the projecting bay. An abutting neighbor said she liked the design with the bay, calling it "traditional" and appropriate for the street.

Abutting neighbors from both sides of the property were present. They lamented the green space they would be losing, but told the committee they approved of the project.

The house is in the ANC district 04, whose representative is Commissioner Walt Cain. Cain is also chair of the CDC. He urged the committee not to vote on the proposal that evening because, he explained, there had to be "more opportunity for dialog with the community". Nevertheless, other members of the committee seemed ready to approve the concept and massing of the more traditional design that evening, in part because the architects would have to prepare for their HPRB hearing in the near future.

Cain put forward a motion to pass a resolution endorsing the project but encouraging "engagement with the community". The motion passed, with Cain voting against. Cain asked the architects to come back and present again at the next meeting of the full ANC, which will take place on Wednesday, May 14, at 7pm, at the Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle).

Online records show that 1310 Q Street was put up for sale in November 2013. The asking price was $4.4 million. The price was reduced to $4.1 million in March. The property was taken off the market on April 5.

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