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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tipsy Peacock: Conditional Liquor License Support from ANC1B

Donna Colaco, aspiring proprietor of the Tipsy Peacock (2915 Georgia Avenue NW), appeared before the liquor-licensing affairs committee of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1B/U Street on April 16 to ask for endorsement of her application for a tavern license. It will be "Georgia Avenue's first wine bar", according to Tipsy Peacock's Facebook page.

Intimate moment in front of 2915 Georgia Ave
"It sounds great to me," said ANC1B Chair James Turner (Commissioner for district 09).

Colaco briefed the committee on her plans to convert the basement of the
building into a small wine bar. She is applying for a maximum capacity of 50, but in reality, she said, this "very small space" will fit 35 people or less.

Colaco said she owned the building and planned to live over the shop. A member of the committee said, although he had no reason to doubt Colaco's sincerity, he would take her stated intention to live over her establishment with a grain of salt. Many previous petitioners to this and other committees, it was said, say they plan to live in renovated properties, only to revise their intentions after they've received ANC endorsement.

Colaco told the committee she had spoken to the abutting neighbors on Georgia Avenue. They support the establishment. The neighbor on the right, she said, is also a bar, and the neighbor on the left is a wellness center. 

The Tipsy Peacock seeks a entertainment endorsement for the inside part of the establishment only, to have recorded and live music. There may be "occasional" dancing inside. However, it is not seeking an entertainment endorsement for the rear summer garden. Colaco pledged windows and doors will remain closed when there is music playing in the bar.

Rear summer garden

To the rear of the property is a narrow public alley. On the other side of the alley is the side wall of 654 Hobart Street. Colaco had not spoken to this neighbor yet.

"I'd really like to hear from the neighbors," said committee chair Nick Baumann.

The plan is to have a summer garden in the rear of the property with a capacity of 15. The planned summer garden will have the same operating hours as the rest of the establishment: until 1am Sunday - Thursday, until 2am Friday and Saturday. In the winter, the summer garden might function as parking for two cars.

Colaco promised improved lighting in the front and rear. She also promised security cameras.

The committee voted to recommend that the full ANC support the tavern license application on the condition the proprietor get a letter of support from the neighbor at 654 Hobart Street. The vote was five in favor, none against, and three abstentions.

ANC1B will probably consider this application at its next meeting, scheduled for Thursday, May 1, at 7pm, at the Reeves Center (14th and U Streets). The initial hearing by D.C.'s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) on this liquor license will happen on June 2 at 10am. ABRA is also located at the Reeves Center.

(Photo credit: Google Street View)

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