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Friday, January 3, 2014

James Turner New Chair of ANC1B

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1B/U Street elected new officers at its meeting of last night, January 4. Commissioner James Turner (district 09) was elected ANC1B Chair, defeating incumbent Tony Norman (10) in a narrow 5 - 4 vote. Marc Morgan (01) was elected Vice-Chair, also by 5 - 4, over Jeremy Leffler (02). Ricardo Reinoso (05) and Dyana Forester (06) were elected without opposition as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

Gottlieb Simon and ANC1B elect new officers
The election was conducted in public view by Gottlieb Simon, Executive Director of D.C.'s Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions. Simon arrived at the meeting when it started at 7pm in a bicycle helmet and a soaking-wet yellow rain slicker, indicating that he had braved last night's slushy winter storm on two wheels to make the election happen.

Simon explained the election could not be by secret ballot, since all ANC activity is supposed to be public. After making that clear, Simon and the ANC agreed candidates for contested positions would have a minute to speak to the other commissioners.

Speaking first, Turner said the ANC had experienced a difficult year. The ANC had not leveraged the strengths and weaknesses of its members, Turner said, and the ANC had been criticized for not filing documents on time.

"My focus will be making us strong operationally," Turner said.

In reply, Norman said there had been a lot of improvements in the last year, including bringing a staff person on board. Norman said the ANC wants to move toward having its meetings broadcast live online.

The vote tally for ANC1B Chair:

For Turner: Leffler, Reinoso, Forester, Juan Lopez (07), and Turner.
For Norman: Morgan, Sedrick Muhammed (03), Norman, and Zahra Jilani (12).

The vote tally for ANC1B Vice-chair:

For Morgan: Morgan, Reinoso, Forester, Turner, and Norman.
For Leffler: Leffler, Muhammed, Lopez, and Jilani.

Commissioners Deborah Thomas (04), Emily Washington (08), and E. Gail Anderson Holness (11) were not present at the meeting.

Once Turner was elected Chair, he immediately took up his position, and the balance of the meeting took place under his leadership.

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